The Star Finder Book

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    A complete guide to the many uses of the 2102-D Star Finder
  • David Burch
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The Star Finder Book
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After teaching celestial navigation to thousands of students during years, the author has written this book to take the maximum benefit from the Star Finder 2102-D.

New navigators face the fact in their next crossing that skies are much more cloudy in the ocean than they thought they would be. The problem with cloudy skies the book covers is that of identifying unknown stars in isolated patches of clear sky. Such stars may be in view for a few minutes only, just long enough to get a sextant sight of them and to calculate the position. It is, therefore, a basic skill of the navigator to know how to identify stars. Fortunately, this skill is easily mastered on land, long before it might be critical to a safe, efficient ocean passage.

This booklet explains the function and use of the Star Finder slowly and thoroughly, using detailed numerical examples and practical practice problems. In addition, the booklet discusses general features of star and planet choices and other practical procedures in celestial navigation.

Besides basic star identification, this booklet also elaborates on several other, more specialized, applications of the Star Finder. These include its use in predicting heights and bearings of stars, moon, and planets for routine sights and picking optimum star-planet combinations. Navigators soon learn the value of the moon, Venus, or Jupiter for combination with star sights, since these three bodies can be seen during the brighter part of twilight when stars are faint but the horizon is still sharp.

It also demonstrates how the Star Finder can be used to answer two common questions in celestial navigation: Which days of the month offer a simultaneous sun-moon fix and what is the optimum time of day to do the sights, and how long must one wait between successive sunlines for a good running fix? These are fundamental, practical problems which are most easily solved using the Star Finder.