Meteorology for seafarers

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  • R.M. Frampton
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  • 136
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  • 978-0-85174-799-6
Meteorology for seafarers

This is a classic book for the preparation of seafarers on Meteorology since more than half a century in the UK. Commander C. R. Burgess, former Meteorological Officer in the UK Meteorological Office, Bracknell and in the Royal Navy, completed Meteorology For Seamen in 1950. His book has been a standard work for 30 years. A further revision became necessary soon after his death in 1982, and the present authors decided to present a completely rewritten and revised text with new illustrations. It does not aim to provide a simple explanation, as this is regularly and professionally done by the radio, televisión and the more elementary textbooks, nor does it enter into the highly complex explanations provided by research papers.

Meteorology for Seafarers is therefore a technical book which aims to explain the complexities of the atmosphere and provide the information needed for professional seafarers aspiring to first class certificates of competency. If at the same time it encourages the seafaring reader to investigate and understand more clearly the forces of nature which affect his daily life, then it will have achieved the full ambitions of its authors.

In the third edition of the book the opportunity has been taken to incorporate various changes and to increase the number of sources from which the illustrations have been provided to alert the reader to the worldwide availability of meteorological information.