Ships routeingVersión ebook

  • IF927E
    Edición 2017
  • OMI - IMO
  • ebook
  • 978-92-801-1554-3
Ships routeingVersión ebook

The aims of ensuring the greatest possible safety of shipping and cleanliness of oceans are promoted in many ways, one of which is the routeing measures to control the navigation of vessels and to monitor their progress. The measures that are described or defined in parts A and H of this publication are individually described in parts B (traffic separation schemes), C (deep-water routes), D (areas to be avoided), E (other routeing measures, such as recommended tracks, two-way routes and recommended directions of traffic flow), F (the rules and recommendations on navigation that are associated with particular traffic areas and straits), G (mandatory ship reporting systems, mandatory routeing systems and mandatory no anchoring areas) and H (archipelagic sea lanes).
This edition incorporates routeing measures that have been adopted up to November 2012.