Pocket guide to recovery techniques Versión ebook

  • I947E
    Edición 2007
  • OMI - IMO
  • ebook
  • 36
  • 978-92-801-42372
Pocket guide to recovery techniques Versión ebook

The guide was prepared by the Sub-Committee on Radiocommunications and Search and Rescue at its tenth session (March 2006) and gives guidance to seafarers on recovering people in distress at sea. The guide is intended to be used as a reference document which should be read now and referred to again while proceeding to the scene of an emergency, as part of the preparation for a recovery operation. The guide’s principal aims are to help you – as master or crew of a responding ship – to:
• Assess and decide upon appropriate means of recovery aboard your own vessel;
• Train in the use of these means of recovery, in general preparation for emergencies; and
• Prepare yourselves and your vessel when actually responding to an emergency.